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Environmental Policy


Arkwright Painters and Decorators are aware that our day to day activities will inevitably impact on our environment in a number of ways and wish to minimise the potential harmful effects of such activities wherever and whenever possible. As a consequence of this we are committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance and the prevention of pollution.



  • To meet and where appropriate exceed the requirements of relevant legislation.

  • Promote recycling and the use of recycled materials. All white spirit (VOC) is returned to stores where it is recycled and is ready for re-use.

  • Minimise waste in all operations. Materials quantity control is strictly managed by the owner, Stuart Hague to avoid waste. Wherever possible bulk orders delivered to avoid excessive journeys by the suppliers.

  • Reduce quantities of environmentally harmful materials. Where appropriate we recommend to clients the use of water borne products which have less environmental impact than solvent borne products.

  • Transportation. Where appropriate co-ordinate journeys to site to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption and lower fuel emissions.

  • Implement waste disposal practice in a safe manner in accordance with Local Authority commercial 
waste guidelines

  • Paint that is surplus to requirements will be passed on to community groups for reuse 
or local college for reuse by students

  • Reduce paper based correspondence by using online facilities for business and 
finance e.g. e-mail estimates and correspondence where possible

  • Sub Contractors will be made aware of the Environment Policy through 'in-house' training carried out by the Owner who is responsible for Health and Safety.

  • The Owner with responsibility for Health and Safety will ensure all sub contractors comply with the Environment Policy and will review the environmental performance on an annual basis.

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