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Health and Safety Policy


Site Based Sub-Contract Painters & Decorators

The responsibilities of Sub Contractors are:

  • To read Arkwright Painters and Decorators Health and Safety Policy, and comply with the requirements which will be agreed prior to their appointment.

  • To comply with all Arkwright Painters and Decorators health and safety procedures, working practices, risk assessments, method statements etc.

  • Take care for their own health and safety

  • Consider the safety of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions.

  • Work in accordance with information and training provided.

  • Refrain from intentionally misusing or recklessly interfering with anything that has been provided for health and safety.

  • Report any hazardous defects in scaffold and equipment, or shortcoming in the existing safety arrangements to Stuart Hague (Owner of Arkwright Painters and Decorators).

  • Not to undertake any task for which authorisation and/or training has not been given.

  • To ensure that any injury sustained, or damage caused by them, is reported to Stuart Hague (Owner of Arkwright Painters and Decorators).


Site Specific Risk Assessments

Stuart Hague is responsible for carrying out risk assessments on a site by site basis in order to identify where there is a risk of injury as a result of work activities being carried out by Arkwright Painters and Decorators and his sub-contractors.


He is responsible, as far as is reasonably practicable, for ensuring that all risks are controlled so that the overall level of risk is low. This information will be passed on to the Client.

Continuing from the risk assessment process, a method statement is produced by the Stuart Hague which describes the safe system of work for the project.


Hazardous Substance Safety

Including Storage and Purchase Specifications for all projects are provided directly by the Client. Where a safer, less hazardous material is available we will inform the Client prior to commencing works on site.


All materials are purchased from bona fide manufacturers in sealed containers/packaging. Highly flammable materials such as white spirit are stored in lockable metal cabinets away from any ignition sources.


Quantities of all flammable materials are kept to a minimum. Quantities of white spirit taken on site are kept to a maximum of 2L.


Arkwright Painters and Decorators will use water-based paints when ever possible. These paints can be used across a broad range of surfaces, and are environmentally-friendly, containing minimal amounts of solvent. 

Welfare Provisions

Where Arkwright Painters and Decorators are working directly for the client, it is the responsibility of The Site Manager to ensure that appropriate facilities are provided. As a minimum the following requirements will be provided on all sites: toilet/washing facilities and eating/rest facilities accessible on site.


Fire Precautions

Where Arkwright Painters and Decorators is working directly for the client, it is the responsibility of the Site Manager to ensure that suitable and sufficient fire precautions are in place.


Working at Height

Where Arkwright Painters and Decorators is required to carry out work at height, the following procedure will be followed.



  • First identify what work at height is required. The question should be asked is it possible to prevent working at height and eliminate the hazard altogether. If the hazard cannot be eliminated then Stuart Hague will carry out a risk assessment to assess the nature of the hazards present.

  • Use as a means of fall prevention fixed edge protection, such as scaffolding and toe boards to prevent persons or materials falling from leading exposed edges and fragile roof surfaces.

  • In accordance with The Working at Height Regulations, 2005 Arkwright Painters and Decorators only use ladder access equipment where a risk assessment has identified that the use of other access equipment is not appropriate due to the low risk and short duration of the work.

  • When selecting and using ladder access equipment, Arkwright Painters and Decorators complies with the guidance contained in indg. 402: “Safe use of Ladders and Stepladders: An Employer’s Guide” and indg. 405 “Top Tips for Ladders and Stepladder Safety”. Selection and Use of Ladders:

  • Ladders are only selected if the work requires the ladder to be in one position for less than 30mins and less than 10kg of materials/equipment are being used by the painter.

  • Ladders to be inspected for defects prior to use.

  • Ladders are only erected on solid, stable ground, of sufficient strength to support the ladder plus load.

  • When using a ladder, operatives will maintain three points of contact at all times.

  • The ladder must be positioned so that the operative does not need to stretch/overreach.

  • Ladders are erected at an angle of 75° or 1:4.

  • When in use, ladders will be secured to prevent slipping by tying at the top, bottom or by use of a proprietary non-slip anchor at the bottom.

  • Only competent, qualified operatives erect, work on and dismantle ladder access equipment.

  • Stuart Hague to visually inspect all work equipment prior to issuing for site use.

  • Any work equipment damaged on site is to be immediately removed from use and returned to the Stuart Hague for replacement and/or repair.

  • Stuart Hague to visually inspect all work equipment prior to issuing for site use.


Disposal of Waste Materials

Arkwright Painters and Decorators is not registered as a producer of waste since it produces well under the 500kg of hazardous waste stipulated by the Environment Agency. All waste paints are returned to Johnson Paints for safe disposal.

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